Prairie Boys at War: Korea is the compelling and fast-paced account of men from the northern prairies who received the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross and/or Navy Cross for heroism in the Korean War. Through their actions, as well as the experiences of other combat veterans, the history of this three-year war is presented as it was experienced by men from North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Montana.

They were husky farm kids, inner-city paperboys, small-town football players and Boy Scouts. Some were high school dropouts, while others were chosen for Military Academies and went on to become outstanding commanders.

Many were sharp shooters, because they couldn’t waste bullets on anything except what would land on the dinner table. Others were teenaged iron miners, guitar players, sheep herders, baseball players, grape growers or rodeo stars. A surprising number were orphans or runaways, while others were privileged sons of lawyers. At least two were freshly graduated physicians who thought they were going to spend a pleasant 90-day rotation in Japan but ended up on the front lines of Korea instead.

These prairie boys had one thing in common: they grew up during the great depression, and they knew what it took to survive. Whether they were paratroopers, jeep drivers, jet aces, radio operators, frogmen, prisoners of war, engineers or infantry sergeants, each man in the Prairie Boy series was also unique, and their stories represent the experience of the Korean War for what it really was: a brutal, costly war in which tens of thousands were killed, captured and/or missing – and from which the survivors returned to an indifferent nation

Volume 1: June – October 1950 covers the deadly delaying actions of the war’s first four months. Future volumes will cover the terrible winter of 1950-51 during which hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers abruptly came to the aid of North Korea, followed by the little known “outpost wars” of 1952-53.

There’s no other book like it.

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